JUL 25th 2014

Official image of P1 GTR, the hypercar that's too fast for the road

A new image of the P1 GTR has been released. Believed to be official, it was sent to existing P1 owners by a dealer in Florida.

‘GTR’ is not a tag McLaren uses lightly. When it was applied to the F1, it went out and won the Le Mans 24-hour on its first attempt. That was in 1995 and, twenty years later, the P1 will receive the same treatment. The key difference, though, is that this time the GTR won’t be a race car – instead, it’s a track day only customer car, in the mould of Ferrari’s XX range.

So it’s hardcore: slick tyres, a wider track and a fixed rear wing are all expected. And now, following the release of this image, is some wildly more aggressive styling. Power from the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 has been upped to 986bhp and the price is expected to be close to £2m.

GTR production won’t begin until the last ‘standard’ P1 has rolled off the Woking production line in the middle of next year, and the cars are being offered only to existing P1 owners.

As well as the car, it will come with membership to the GTR Programme. That will include consultations with McLaren designer Frank Stephenson, training with the F1 team’s fitness instructors and access to the F1 simulators. It will also include six track days per year at Formula One venues around the world.

With the Le Mans winning F1 GTR (below) as its heritage, the P1 GTR has plenty to live up to.


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