JUL 07th 2014

Spyker: Good times ahead ...

… if it can foot a tax bill.

There are many colourful metaphors to describe the ups-and-downs of Dutch manufacturer Spyker. News from the Netherlands that the taxman over there has apparently presented the firm with a bill would indicate that fortunes may have dipped a little again.

In true Spyker style though, another up-swing looks to be on the way with a new model planned, and any lingering ideas of an F1 team finally put to bed (the word is that said failed F1 effort is what may have led to the recent contact from the tax authorities).

So, with a bit of fundraising required they’ve dug out some bits and bobs from their stores which should interest many a collector. Included in the sale is one of their ill-fated 2007 Spyker F8 Grand Prix cars, several C8 Ailerons, no fewer than 85 Audi V8 motors, a D12 SUV concept, and a C8 racer.

Not a bad little haul, that. But will it help Spyker live to fight another day?




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