JUL 14th 2014

V12 into two‑door does go... AMG flagship motor goes into S‑class coupé

Mercedes-Benz is nothing if not bold in its claims regarding the new S65 AMG coupé. “Our new 12-cylinder coupé surpasses even the highest of expectations,” says Mercedes-AMG chairman of the board of management Tobias Moers.

Expectations, however, are pretty easy to gauge given that most of the S65 is a known quantity. The twin-turbo 6.0-litre motor is the same as that found in the range-topping S-Class saloon and SLs, and produces suitably large numbers – 621bhp and 738lb ft. Other figures are also befitting of a big German car, like the 4.1sec 0-62mph sprint and (limited) 155mph top speed.

But it’s not all about demolishing autobahns is fast, straight lines. A whole raft of technology is on board to help the car tackle a British B-road, including Active Body Control, Road Surface Scan and a tilting function. The car scans the road ahead to adjust the suspension accordingly, while the car can lean into a bend like motorcycle or skier, to give the sensation of driving on a banked curve. Clever sounding stuff, which we’d like to investigate for ourselves on the country roads here in West Sussex.

Much easier to appreciate in photos alone is the leather-everywhere interior. Nappa trim can be found on the ceiling, dashboard and door cards, while the AMG influence is most evident in the sports seats and new three-spoke steering wheel. One major question remains: can it exceed Goodwood Road & Racing’s expectations? We’d relish the chance to find out.

Mercedes S65 AMG

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