JUL 09th 2014

Video: Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat doubles your burnout pleasure

If burnouts are your thing (and judging by the general response to the Rat Trap ‘Fuel Altered’ car at FoS, we’d say that you’re somewhat keen), then watching a modern muscle car over-exuberantly warming up (destroying?) its tyres in the bleach pit at a drag strip should be a fun way to spend a couple of minutes.

If the car in question is the much talked-about 707bhp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat then that spices things up a bit. However, in this video Dodge seems to have reasoned that since a drag strip has two lanes, then why not populate each with an SRT Hellcat and go for a full-on 1414bhp tyre-torturing session?

It’s loud, smokey, utterly gratuitous, borderline pointless, and great fun. The drivers don’t even release the brakes and do a rolling burnout, just sit there and go through the gears until the screen becomes a white-out! Oh to get our hands on one… or two… oh and a friendly tyre supplier.

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