JUL 02nd 2014

Video: Ferrari celebrates 15 million Facebook fans. Takes LaFerrari for a thrash...

Here’s a devout promise: when Goodwood Road & Racing hits 15,000,000 fans on Facebook, we’re going to take BOTH the two-seater Spitfires up which live beneath us here at Hangar 8 and toss £20 notes out of them… naked.

As for Ferrari, they chose merely to give us a lairy lap of Fiorano filmed by Google Glasses. That said, chief development driver Raffaele De Simone was at the wheel driving it rather exuberantly.

We’re not entirely sure that even with Mr De Simone doing the pedalling a heart attack would be on the cards, as the video suggests. Still, we’ we wouldn’t mind finding out ourselves if the opportunity arose!

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