JUL 28th 2014

What do you get if you a cross a KTM and a Morgan? A Polaris Slingshot

Slingshot is a great name for a rear-drive three-wheeler; imagine the elastic of a catapult pulled back and you have a good metaphor for the rear-drive ‘triangle’.

Like KTM, Polaris is a motorcycle manufacturer making the move into car territory. It makes Victory and Indian motorcycles, as well as the snowmobiles and ATVs built under the Polaris name (and for which it is best known).

And now it makes the Slingshot, newly launched in the States, and which has a 2.4-litre GM Ecotec engine producing 170bhp and 166lb ft of torque. The overall weight is a little high by class standards at 771kg, but it still has a power to weigh ratio that suggests rapid performance is on the cards. Not that Polaris has released any performance statistics…

The lightweight body panels are made from polymer plastic, and under the skin is a steel spaceframe chassis, double wishbone front suspension and an aluminium swing arm. There’s also ABS and ESC, aids we’re not used to seeing in lightweight specialist sports cars.

In the States, you can buy the car from any Polaris, Indian or Victory dealer with prices starting from $19,999, which is currently the equivalent of around £12,000. That’s £10k less than the UK price for a Morgan Three Wheeler, which makes the Polaris look a bit of a bargain. No wonder the folk in the short promo videos below are so excitable…

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