JUL 11th 2014

Williams new R&D facility opened by PM

Williams Advanced Engineering celebrated the opening of its new research and development at its site in Grove, Oxfordshire, today as it was opened by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Williams, which is enjoying its best season of Formula One racing for some time, has invested £8m in the site over the last couple of years and will put it to a variety of uses. The idea is to take knowledge and technology gained through its involvement in F1 and apply it in various ways throughout the automotive, motorsport, transport, and energy sectors.

In recent years, Williams has worked with Jaguar on the stunning C-X75 hybrid supercar and various NISMO products for Nissan, and will be the sole supplier of batteries for Formula E; the world’s first fully electric racing series.

The Prime Minister certainly sounded suitably chuffed: ‘Formula One is a world beating, hi-tech industry and I am very proud that Britain and British engineers and designers play such a key role within it. Williams opening their Advanced Engineering facility in Oxfordshire is great news for the local area and a vote of confidence in our long-term economic plan to back business, create jobs and secure a better future for Britain.’

What with that and the government’s announcement about allowing local authorities to potentially run motorsport events on public roads, we’re beginning to suspect that Mr Cameron is something of a car bloke after all. Hmm, perhaps we should invite him to Revival!

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