AUG 19th 2014

At last, Ford puts the Mustang's steering wheel on the right (hand) side

Ford Mustang right hand drive

You’re looking at the very first right-hand drive Mustang; the all-American icon will go global in 2015 – a move that includes 25 right-hand drive markets including, for the first time, the UK. It’s only taken 50 years since the first Mustang went on sale to put the steering wheel on the right (hand) side…

Actually, there have been right-hand drive Mustangs before – but they are all aftermarket conversions. This is the very first right-hand drive Mustang built by the Ford Motor Company.

In its five decades of production, 9.2 million Mustangs have been built, but only a small proportion (161,000) have sold outside of North America. Given that 4000 of those were sold in 2012 alone, the globalisation of the Mustang looks set to capitalise on un-tapped enthusiasm for the car. The sixth generation of the car goes on sale in 120 countries in 2015 (and in America this autumn).

Actually, to say that the Mustang is being globalised seems inaccurate. Early indications suggest that Ford has stayed true to the Mustang recipe and developed it for home market tastes. There are two reasons… the US will still be the biggest market by far, and those who choose a Mustang outside of the US will do so to buy into the American character. A sheen of Euro chic isn’t going to win conquest sales from those who default to an M4 or CLK, so why battle on the same terms?

Having said that, dynamic accomplishment is high on the sixth generation Mustang’s priorities; it’s the first production spec Mustang to have independent rear suspension, the only other being the SVT Cobras from 1999. We’ll get a choice of 2.3-litre EcoBoost and the 5.0-litre V8. While the word ‘eco’ doesn’t really sit with the Mustang, the former is likely to be the bigger seller in the UK.

So, who’s tired enough of the German approach to coupé and cabriolet manufacturer to choose a Mustang instead?

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