AUG 12th 2014

Exclusive Bremont watch marks Jag's Lightweight E‑type revival

There are many parallels to be drawn between a quality watch and a classic car…  engineering, design, style. Alongside the six Lightweight E-type continuation models, there will be six corresponding special edition Bremont watches, which will be offered first to the buyers of the cars.

Just how many visual links could be made between watches and the cars? Plenty, as it turns out… The 43mm face is designed to look like the E-type’s rev-counter, even down to the chamfered edges of the hands (which match the car’s tacho needle) and font for the numerals. Each watch will carry the chassis number of the car it’s linked to in the 6 o’ clock position of the face, and the winding crown is engraved with tread pattern of the Dunlop tyres the cars will wear.

On the rear, a scale replica of the steering wheel – complete with real wooden rim – forms part of the rotor, and the watch even shares materials used in the car: aluminium left over from the E-types’ bodies is used, as is Connolly leather for the strap. The E-type watch has also given the British watch-maker, established in 2002, its first opportunity to offer its own proprietary movement.

It’s not the first time Bremont and Jaguar have worked together. The former made the stop-watch fitted to the dashboard of the 2010 CX-75 concept car, and also provided the timepiece for the XJ75 Platinum concept in the same year.

Jaguar’s Ian Callum and Bremont’s Giles English discuss the new watch in the video below.

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