AUG 22nd 2014

Fate, fizzy‑pop, and Fangio's service truck

Palermo, Buenos Aires, 1987, and a certain legendary Argentinian racing driver’s liking for fizzy drinks required regular deliveries from the factory by 17 year-old Martin Varrone. Young Martin was a huge Fangio fan and through his regular visits became a friend of the great driver and his family.

Wind forward a few years and the enterprising Mr Varrone wanted to set up his own business and required a fleet of trucks which Fangio, a Mercedes-Benz dealer, helped him to acquire. At some point he spotted at the dealership this 1954 Mercedes-Benz 170SD and immediately expressed an interest, despite it being in a bit of a state. Some time later (seemingly after the great man himself had passed away in 1995) the 170 became his and restoration began.

Fangio’s family later put Varrone in touch with Blumetti Fernando, who was the truck’s original driver and confirmed that it had been originally acquired by Fangio. It was used as a support vehicle at the 1962 Swedish Grand Prix, and might even have been associated with The Maestro during the all-conquering Fifties phase of his career.

It’s a cute story, and one to which you could add a verse because at Silverstone Auctions’ inaugural Salon Privé sale on the 4th September it will be for sale. The guide price is between £60,000 and £85,000, and if you make it yours then you’d be in plenty of time to bring it along to the Revival meeting! Shall we reserve a spot in the paddock for you?

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