AUG 16th 2014

McLaren P1 GTR: drive it like a pro, or just turn up for lunch...

McLaren P1 GTR

Those lucky enough to buy McLaren’s £2m, 1,000hp  P1 GTR won’t just take ownership of the car, they will also join the driver programme specifically designed around the track-only machine. It will include support beyond the track side and allow access to a variety of McLaren’s assets, including some that relate to F1 racing. The package will include six exclusive P1 GTR track days per year at Formula One venues.

P1 GTR driver programme

McLaren GT chief Andrew Kirkaldy

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) will design, build and run the P1 GTRs, but we understand the Track Day experience will be handled by a team within McLaren GT, the same arm of the business that supports 12C and 650S GT3 racing teams. That doesn’t mean it will be one-size-fits all approach; the days will be tailored exactly to each customer’s preference.

‘We want to make this a bespoke opportunity,’ McLaren GT boss Andrew Kirkaldy told us a couple of weeks ago at Spa. ‘We know that some people will want to have fun, some people want to learn to drive like a pro, and some people want to cruise around the circuit and have a nice lunch.’

Those who do want to drive like a pro can also take advantage of McLaren’s in-house driver and fitness training, and have access to the same simulator that Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen use. Put simply, buyers will have the chance to take their track days very seriously.

It’s described as ‘full immersion into McLaren’. Andrew Kirkaldy again: ‘It’s all about tailoring the experience for individual owners, and we want to make sure people come along and get more out of our car than they ever believed they would, whatever their expectations.’

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