AUG 11th 2014

New McLaren 650S Sprint on the way. Passenger seat an optional extra

The new McLaren 650S Sprint, due to be revealed at Pebble Beach alongside the P1 GTR, takes its track-only status so seriously that even the passenger seat is an optional extra. Items on the standard-fitment list, however, include a HANS device, a six-point harness, an FIA roll cage and various goodies from the GT3 race car. No messing, then.

The Sprint takes the 650S to the next level. The Brake Steer system has been further developed, as has the active aero. The ProActive Chassis Control (PCC) has been tuned for track use, too, the aim being to give the car a feeling more akin the GT racer while retaining the inherent balance of the road car. There have also been calibration changes to the engine and transmission.

More visible hardware changes are notable with the lower ride height, 19in centre locking wheels and revised spring rates. The intention here is to allow later breaking and higher cornering speeds. Not that the 650S was ever lacking in that department; our own Andy Craig reckons the road car allows you to corner ‘like a man who’s just been told he’s going to live forever’ in this video.

Those parts borrowed from the GT3 racer? They include the radiator, bodywork ventilation and the quick-fill ‘bag’ fuel tank. The car will be launched in a colour scheme that’s an inverted version of the GT3’s launch colours at the Festival of Speed, which reinforced the link between the cars.

The price is £198,000 and optional extras include a carbon fibre rear wing and front splitter, and a polycarbonate windscreen. Oh, and while a passenger isn’t welcome as standard, each car is fitted with air conditioning as a no-cost option. Seems it was necessary to ensure Sprint drivers keep their cool on track…

Video: Click here for the 650S Hillclimb Roadtest with Nic Minassian

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