AUG 28th 2014

Noble M600 Roadster project re‑emerges... this time with paddle‑shift?

Back in 2012 this first ‘official’ picture of a Noble M600 emerged. It was released as a bit of a tease by company MD Peter Boutwood, who said at the time it was just a playful design exercise.

Apparently things have moved on, with ‘the internet’ reporting that original Roadster artwork has developed into a full development programme and a Noble M600 Roadster prototype is currently in build at the Leicester, UK factory.

Peter spilled the beans to the Dutch media, we’re told, informing the Telegraaf that his initial rendering has attracted interest from existing and potential customers. The concept version will likely be shown publically to further gauge reaction before a decision to produce the car is taken.

A further interesting development that’s being reported is the possibility the M600 may adopt a new paddle-shift/automated gearbox – quite a departure from the original M600 philiosophy which was to create the ultimate ‘purist’ driver’s car. However according to Peter’s reported comments the auto configuration will be optional.

Motivating this new direction could be the fact that Noble has eyes on the lucrative Asian market – particularly in China, where having to change gear by yourself is considered an unnecessary complication.

The suggestion is that a Roadster version of the M600 will carry over the Coupe’s 4.4 litre V8 with twin turbos, currently offering owners a switchable choice of 450, 550, or 650hp depending on their mood. However we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see any new version of the Noble offering a bit more oomph.

Crazy though it may be when you stop to think about it, 600hp doesn’t stand out much in Supercar Top Trumps these days!

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