AUG 12th 2014

'One‑off' Zagato 5‑95 becomes five...

A second Zagato 5-95 has been built, as confirmed by photos taken at the Zagato factory in Milan and posted on Facebook. This suggests that the Lamborghini Gallardo based rebody is going into very limited production.

When we reported on the car’s debut at Villa d’Este, we hinted at rumours that the ‘one-off’ (as it was billed at that time) may turn into a small production run. It’s now being reported that five will be built, which was perhaps always alluded to in the name – the ’95’ bit refers to Zagato’s 95th anniversary.

The orange Villa d’Este car is based on the LP570-4, and we can only assume the same will be true for the subsequent four cars. There are no details on who the buyer is or the figure paid for the car, but you can bet it’s a whole lot more than the big premiums some customers are currently paying to get their hands on the Gallardo’s replacement, the Huracan.

The 5-95 shares no panels with the Gallardo. The distinctive nose gives way to a typically-Zagato double-bubble roof, roof-mounted air scoop and big mesh air outlet at the back. Zagato has been working with Lamborghini for over half its life, the first collaboration between the two being the 3500 GTZ almost 50 years ago. Will the 5-95 age as well as its oldest ancestor?

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