AUG 16th 2014

Orange and silver: the colour of all McLaren's GTR 'number ones'

McLaren F1 GTR

It’s not just a ‘GTR’ moniker that the just-announced P1 GTR design concept shares with the fabled McLaren F1 GTR. The orange and silver launch colour scheme harks back to the livery that F1 GTR chassis #01R wore during development testing.

If anything, the P1 GTR wears the colour scheme better, particularly as the orange is more subtly applied with the addition of some black highlights and more graphics. There’s a further nod to the past with the P1 GTR design concept carrying the number 01, which reflects the F1’s chassis number.

Chassis #01R started life as road-going #019, and was modified to GTR specification. The F1’s orange and silver livery didn’t last forever. It was replaced with Ueno Clinic colours, and that very development car won the 1995 Le Mans. It hasn’t been raced since, and has remained under the ownership of McLaren.

McLaren F1 GTR

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