AUG 27th 2014

Refreshed 370Z NISMO looks harder, rides softer

The Nissan 370Z Nismo has received some interesting tweaks. Front and rear end styling has been reworked, with larger air intake at the front, and new intakes ahead of the wheelarches giving the Nismo a more aggressive face.

Nissan 370Z NismoThe look is underlined with more obvious red Nismo highlights, but if the front end is punchier than the outgoing model’s, the rear has been toned down thanks to a more subtle rear spoiler. Working in league with the new front, it actually generates more downforce than the outgoing car – and, according to Nissan, it’s more balanced across the two axles.

The Nismo also receives new Rays 19in alloy wheels and Recaro seats. The latter, now tub rather than frame based, have been designed to offer more support.

So far so good, but perhaps the more telling news is that across the 370Z range, extra sound-deadening has been applied and the model’s dampers have been tweaked for more comfort. That’s probably not something you’d have expected to apply to the hardcore NISMO edition, especially when it shares a badge with the take-no-prisoners GTR. Has Nissan decided its coupe is not cut-out to be a cut-price Porsche rival and gone for more showroom appeal instead? Only a road test will answer that one.

That’s more or less everything for updates: the 339bhp 3.7-litre V6 remains unchanged, as does its 0-62mph time of 5.2sec and the limited 155mph top speed. The Nismo is still a 6-speed H-gate and coupé only. Something that is likely to change is the price: the outgoing model’s £37,015 pricetag will probably increase.

If you want to play spot the difference, you can find our drive story of the outgoing version by clicking here… 

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