AUG 13th 2014

Rolls‑Royce ownership democratised (in 2D, anyway)

Forza Rolls Royce

Now almost anybody can ‘own’ a Rolls-Royce Wraith, the only conditions of ownership being an Xbox One and a copy of Forza Motorsport 5, rather than the £235,000 previously needed to acquire the most powerful Rolls ever.

Alright, your ownership will be restricted to two dimensions, but you’ll still get to experience a digital rendition of the wood, leather and 1340 fibre optic lamps in the Starlight Headliner. Gamers will even get to choose from 12 colour combinations, including signature two-tone options. That’s rather fewer choices than the endless bespoke options in the real world, but a line has to be drawn somewhere…

Those who only drive simulators in automatic mode will also be making the most of one of the Wraith’s most advanced features. The real-world car’s transmission is linked to the transmission, ensuring that the car is always in the right gear for corners and gradients. That will be useful to Forza 5 users who need all the concentration they can muster to thumb the twin-turbo V12’s 624bhp.

Thanks to Justin Law’s efforts at the Festival of Speed, we know the Wraith can be coaxed into a drift. Now we can all try it from the comfort of our living rooms, without the risk of bending expensive metal…

Rolls Royce Forza

Photo: Jochen Van Cauwenberge at Frozenspeed

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