SEP 08th 2014

Aston Martin hints at Carbon edition Vanquish

Aston Martin has released this 16-second video, the subject copy of which says ‘dark forces are unleashed.’ The forces may be dark, but it’s light on information. Most of the video is taken up by close-up shots of two Vanquishes finished in black and white respectively with, tellingly, carbon fibre detailing. It’s a colour scheme that fits in with Aston’s previous form for Carbon White and Carbon Black editions.

The biggest clue as to what’s coming is when, for a very brief frame, the caption 6 C 12.011 flashes up. Carbon’s atomic number is 6, and it has a standard atomic weight of 12.011. We’d put money, therefore, on this being a Carbon edition.

Going on previous form, this means a largely cosmetic refresh for the Vanquish but, as the video says, all will be revealed in a couple of days…

Aston Martin Vanquish


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