SEP 05th 2014

Bristol to build first new car for 10 years ...

Few cars split opinions like Bristols do; one man’s exquisitely-engineered and discreet gentleman’s express is another man’s stodgy and old-fashioned barge, acutely lacking in the looks and excitement departments.

Although that may always be the case with older Bristol cars (surely not the Fighter, though?), it has now been announced that after over three years of silence (and 10 years since it launched a new car) the marque is to kick and scream again. ‘Project Pinnacle’ is the name that’s been given to mark the 70th anniversary of Bristol Cars. However, aside from a teaser image (above), the promise that investment is in place, and the merest hint that the car will follow Bristol’s luxury and touring path as opposed to its earlier sports and racing direction, there’s nothing at all to tell about the new machine.

Outside of the car itself, we know that a range of merchandise has been announced and that the existing sales premises on Kensington High Street are to be refurbished, with further premises to be opened across the street to showcase ‘new’ Bristol’s cars and ethos.

Despite the lack of much information about the new car, we can’t help but feel quite excited about the possibility of a new Bristol. We expect to know more before the year is out. In the meantime, take a look at the teaser image and see if you can figure out what kid of form the new car will take. We could be wrong, but if the teaser is anything to go by the new car has a whiff of the old Bristol 404/405 about it …

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