SEP 17th 2014

Buddy, can you spare a Rolls‑Royce?

It has long been tradition for certain hotels from the far-east to use a fleet of Rolls-Royces to help make their guests’ stay as pleasurable as possible, and it’s a tradition luxury entrepreneur Stephen Hung understands very well. So well in fact that he has ordered no fewer than 30 of them for his Louis XIII Hotel. Oh and they’re all extended wheelbase, highly customised Phantoms, two of which will be the most expensive ever commissioned …


Macau has need of them, too. After all it is one of the world’s richest cities and is the world’s gambling centre as well as being home to said Louis XIII Hotel, the driveway and parking for which has been designed in conjunction with Rolls Royce, who will also train all the Louis XIII chauffeurs in ‘appropriate driving and handling.’


The special cars , which are being built just a javelin’s throw from the GRR office at Rolls-Royce’s Goodwood premises will be delivered in the first half of 2016 to the luxury hotel and casino. Each will feature bespoke clocks designed by Graff Luxury Watches, and the two ‘halo’ cars will feature internal and external gold accents.


Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, Chief Executive Officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars said of the order, “We at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars are delighted and honoured that Mr Hung has commissioned Rolls-Royce to provide the largest single order of Phantoms in history. The Louis XIII fleet of Phantoms promises to be one of most impressive sights ever seen in Macau when they arrive at the Louis XIII hotel in 2016. Mr Hung’s commission reaffirms Phantom’s pinnacle position as the motor car of choice for those seeking to experience the finest luxury the world has to offer.” 

It all sounds lovely. Rest assured that GRR will be planning a trip over to Macau for a close-up inspection of both the cars and the hotel, because we think that the GRR audience deserves a close-up look at them in the environment they were designed for. Ahem …


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