SEP 16th 2014

Di Montezemolo's parting gift to Ferrari?

The news that Ferrari Chairman Luca Di Montezemolo is to relinquish his role came as something of a surprise after there appeared to be ‘differences’ between himself and Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne over the performance of the prancing horse’s Gran Prix team this season. However, the man who steered Ferrari confidently through its most successful period ever won’t be leaving without reminding us of his fine work.

69975fer Ferrari F12

According to Automotive News two new models are set to be revealed next month; one at the LA Auto Show, and one at the Paris Motor Show. The LA car is reckoned to be a version of the F12 Berlinetta with blue-and-white N.A.R.T colouring, custom bodywork and a special interior, whilst its Parisian equivalent is likely to be 458-based.

59724fer Ferrari 458

Just 10 F12s are said to be built (and probably already spoken-for) at a price of around $3,000,000 and sold exclusively to the North American market. Nothing further is yet known about the 458, except that it’s likely to be based on the new turbocharged M model or the Scuderia Spider.

Seeing as though Di Montezemolo’s severance package from Ferrari is said to be eight-figures (US dollars), we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s snaffled one of each!

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