SEP 04th 2014

Honda aims to appeal to youth with ‘murdered out’ Goldwing

Honda Goldwing

Who says you need to be sensible when you hit 40? Nobody told the Honda Gold Wing. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Honda has released a mean looking version of its F6B ‘bagger’. Launched last year, the long, low F6B follows the bagger trend with its cut-down screen, minimal fairing and, of course, those panniers out back.

The 40th anniversary model is finished in matt bullet silver paint (which looks almost black) set against a black frame, forks, wheels and swing arm. You can’t deny it has presence. White, black and silver are also available.

Honda Goldwing

What else do you get to remind you this is a 40th anniversary model? Following customer feedback, it has cruise control and an electronic reverse gear as standard. The latter is to make it easier to back out of parking spaces up hill. Oh, and there’s a commemorative key fob, too.

In most other respects, it’s the Gold Wing business as usual. That means it has the usual silky smooth 1832cc horizontally-opposed six-cylinder engine. It borrows the F6B’s exhaust internals that give two distinct notes – a ‘throaty growl’ at low revs, a ‘high-pitched crescendo’ at higher revs.

Surely it’s the long-legged, low revs character that F6B riders will revel in most often? As much as the bagger look has been developed to appeal to a younger market, to our mind the 40-year old Gold Wing is still all about relaxed cruising.

Honda Goldwing

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