SEP 23rd 2014

Infiniti Q80 Inspiration concept... does four‑door coupe really break new ground?

Infiniti’s assault on the premium saloon market is going to be nothing if not substantial if the Q80 Inspiration concept is any hint at the production model. The company makes a big play of the four-door coupe layout, but the truth is we’ve seen plenty of those before.

What makes the Infiniti stand out is its vastness: five metres long and two metres wide, those girthy proportions emphsised by its low-slung 53.1in height. (Apologies for the sudden switch to imperial measurement then – but at least it makes it easy to compare to the height of a Ford GT40 for reference.)

Infiniti previously described the interior as a 1+1+1+1, a term that seems to have been dropped, but it’s pretty accurate. The sculptural form is almost TVR-esque, and it’s swathed in leather and carbon fibre. The dashboard itself is refreshingly simple. It’s free from the complex arrangement of touchscreens and button we’ve become accustomed to seeing. Inifniti calls it a ‘human-centric ethos’; we just reckon it looks intuitive and easy to live with.

How much of it will make it to production remains to be seen (don’t expect those portal doors to survive). But as a statement of Infiniti’s premium saloon intent, it’s pretty bold.

Infiniti Q80

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