SEP 22nd 2014

Maseratis galore gather to round‑off Centenary celebrations in Turin

From the Festival of Speed to the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance (and everywhere in between) Maserati has been keeping a sizeable international profile this year as it celebrates its centenary.

Naturally, the whole thing was going to be concluded in Italy and over the weekend the firm with Neptune’s trident proudly displayed on the front of its cars did just that. After assembling in Modena, the Maserati Centennial International Gathering set about some regularity trials at the historic San Marino del Lago circuit after which 200 Maseratis drove on the fabled stretch of road where a man called Baconin Borzacchini set Maserati’s first world record in 1929 when he averaged an impressive 246kph for 10 kilometres.

After arriving at Cremona the gathering enjoyed a gala dinner hosted by Maserati CEO Harald Wester and Chairman Sergio Marchionne at the royal palace on the outskirts of Turin. The latter was heard to declare boldy that ‘Maserati will never be a giant.  It will never be the biggest producer of automobiles in the world but it will be, simply, the best.’

The final day was based in Turin where the regularity trialists ascended up to the 300-year-old Basilica di Superga and then toured the latest Maserati plant which sees Ghiblis and Quattroportes nailed together before driving in to the centre of Turin to line the streets for the finale of the Concours. Apparently thousands were present to see a Maserati Mexico 4200 Prototype Frua scoop the Concours gong, whilst a 90th Anniversary Cambiocorse Spyder won the Regularity Trials.

So that brings to an end Maserati’s centenary celebrations which were so self-evident at FoS, and we think they’ve done a stirling job. It’s just a shame they can’t do it all over again next year!

Scroll through the gallery above for images of the final Centennial Celebration weekend.

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