SEP 25th 2014

Video: How they sold hot hatches in the Eighties ...

Ah, the Eighties! Greed, Kylie and Jason, red braces, TV-AM, hot hatches, yuppies, filofaxes, and car commercials that weren’t afraid to show a fast car being driven the way it was intended. With Hot Hatch Sunday just around the corner, we thought we’d remind ourselves just how much fun there used to be had selling small, fast cars.

Take this gem from Peugeot for example, advertising its (then) new 205 1.9 GTi to a French-speaking audience. Assuming it was shot circa 1987 it’s likely that when you see the Lockheed C-130 Hercules fly across the frozen lake about 15 feet above the 205’s roof that it’s exactly what they did on the day. Great stuff!

After this the disgruntled Herc’ pilot (it’s never revealed exactly why he’s so determined to stop the little Pug) drops a load of grenades on the ice, but not only does the lithe GTi have the agility to dodge them, the mines also lack sufficient clout to crack the ice.

Having survived grenade-attack by a 35,000kg aircraft and the awful spectre of an icy demise, our hero slides around on the snow a bit before hand-braking the pretty 205 to a halt outside a charming-looking ski-resort hotel and meeting up with an equally charming-looking lady, utterly unaffected by the deadly pursuit and sporting immaculate black tie …

Would any of this be allowed nowadays? No. Does the GRR office now want a 205 1.9 GTi? Yes!

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