SEP 04th 2014

Video: Morgan launches extra‑bespoke division with SP1 concept‑made‑real

It seems that no British car-maker can get by these days without a bespoke division. JLR has Special Vehicles Operations, McLaren has MSO. And now Morgan has Special Projects, launched with its first bespoke car, the SP1. Of all the manufacturers you’d think wouldn’t need a special ops division, it’s Morgan. After all, every car is hand made – not just hand assembled – and can be specified on an individual basis.

Of course, the SP1 takes that to the extreme. Its styling is heavily inspired by the 2009 LifeCar concept, and it looks more custom than bespoke, that flash paintjob, forward-hinged bonnet and spokeless wheels looking more West Coast than Malvern. Underneath the Hot-Wheels-made-real coupé styling is the chassis, engine and running gear of a conventional 3.7-litre V6 Roadster. Additional spaceframe structure is added to support the roof.

Special Projects worked in close collaboration with the owner who commissioned the car. The colour was the owner’s choice, as was the African Bubinga wood. Morgan head of design Jonathan Wells was keen for the car to reveal is structure, so the joins the door frame are emphasised with contrasting wood. The interior is as wild as the exterior. In what other car would you find sculpted wooden seats, an iPad based infotainment set-up and roof-mounted toggle switches that have a specific start-up procedure?

The video above, released by Morgan, gives insight into the car’s conception. How would your one-off Morgan look?

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