SEP 24th 2014

What's in a name? Mercedes‑AMG C63 without the 'Benz'

It’s not much of a surprise to see the new C63 launched with the Mercedes-AMG moniker after the much-trumpeted recent launch of the Mercedes-AMG GT. The move is intended to separate the Affalterbach-built cars from the machines made in Stuttgart, and it’ll probably work. Although to not have Karl Benz’s name in the car’s title still seems a bit odd to us, even if Mercedes-AMG has existed as a brand since 1999.

Mercedes AMG C63 new test driven 14c596_08620140924

However, given the standard set by M-B for its high-performance saloons there’s every likelihood that once behind the wheel we won’t care if it’s called the Mercedes-Gertrude.

Despite the loss of the simply epic 6.2-litre atmospheric V8 the car will be equipped with two versions of the all-new twin-turbo V8 from the 911-baiting GT with which Mercedes-AMG has recently (and very publicly) rattled Porsche’s cage. The ‘standard’ car comes with a 469 horsepower version, and if that isn’t enough buyers can go for the C63S which packs 503 horsepower and should see the car hit 62mph from rest in just four seconds. Even the estate version can manage the same sprint in 4.2 seconds.

Mercedes AMG C63 new test driven 14c596_04020140924

So predictably it’s going to go like a stabbed rat, and if Mercedes-AMG has extracted a soundtrack from it similar to the AMG GT then it’ll have the aural entertainment to match. But AMG-badged Mercedes cars blend power with control and the C63 comes equipped with four ‘AMG Dynamic Select’ modes ranging from ‘Efficiency’ to ‘Race’, ceramic-composite brakes (optional), and by now we’ve come expect a satisfying amount of polish in the ride comfort and steering departments.

All this and, thanks to Mercedes-AMG’s efforts to improve efficiency, each example of the C63 is capable of at least 33.6mpg according to manufacturer figures.

Mercedes AMG C63 new test driven 14c596_16320140924

Does this mean a case of having one’s cake and eating it, too? We’ll let you know when we get behind the wheel of one.

And we really, really want to get behind the wheel of one!


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