JAN 15th 2015

A Ferrari FXX Evo or McLaren P1 for the same money. Which would you choose?


Of course, the comparison is flawed: These cars are very different. However examples of both are currently available for a similar price, so which would  you opt for?


Before we go any further, there is room for a little ‘tidying up’ around legend of the FXX. First of all, any assertion that Ferrari kept possession of the car and only let owners see it at the Corse Clienti events it was designed to be driven at is nonsense.

The cars were originally only sold to people who agreed to enter in to the Corse Clienti programme – effectively becoming Ferrari test drivers using the FXX to help develop future technologies. These events would run for two years after which the owner could upgrade the car to Evoluzione spec, which included upping the power output from 800 to 880bhp. At this point the owner had the option of buying in to another two years of the FXX programme. However, from day one the owner was free to nominate where they wanted the car to be stored, be that in Italy, a glass case somewhere in Buckinghamshire… or anywhere else that suited. 


Secondly, although the car was intended only for the track, there’s actually nothing stopping you putting one on the road – indeed we know somebody who’s done just that.

An official ‘Ferrari doesn’t agree or approve of any modifications to our cars’ caveat applies but, if you are prepared to make the required alterations in terms of tyres, lights, a horn and some other bits and bobs, then it is possible to drive your FXX on the road. Suddenly, the comparison gains relevance.


Yesterday I shared this McLaren P1 with ‘delivery’ mileage for sale, at a price of £1.25 million versus a ‘list’ price of £866,000. At its launch the Ferrari FXX would have cost around £1,000,000, although at the end of the initial two-year FXX programme the upgrade to Evoluzione spec would have cost a packet. As such and with an upper estimate of £1,300,000 it could be argued that FXX values are yet to see their first wave of appreciation.


Of course, the FXX Bonhams is offering at its Paris sale on February 5th will have completed at least two years worth of Corse Clienti activity. Regardless of how well it will have been maintained, it is a ‘used’ car and the McLaren apparently shows just 21 miles.

Then again, 375 examples of the P1 have been made, whereas the total production of FXXs is ‘somewhere in the thirties’ according to our Ferrari spokesman: 29 original cars, one more for Michael Schumacher and then ‘a handful’ of cars (I tried, but Ferrari wouldn’t say how many!) built new to Evoluzione spec. 

I think it’s a tough call. Assuming you don’t have the means to acquire both and didn’t intend to cover that many miles in either, which would you go for?

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