JAN 12th 2015

Jaguar announces 'F‑Type inspired' crossover called the F‑PACE


The new Jaguar crossover will be called the F-PACE. Inspired by the F-Type and using technology borrowed from sister-firm Land Rover it promises to be a fine piece of kit, although long-standing Jaguar fans will look at the name and wonder if it is to be followed at some point by an F-GRACE and an F-SPACE …

We’re going to have to wait until 2016 before the F-PACE goes on sale, which will be three years since the C-X17 concept (show below) upon which it’s based was debuted at Frankfurt. Designer Ian Callum said of it: ‘We received such an overwhelmingly positive response to the C-X17 concept car that we just had to make it a reality.’

There isn’t any news yet as to what engines will be available, but a smart guess would be a 2.2-litre diesel at one end of the scale, with surely an iteration of Jaguar’s sublime supercharged V8 at the other. Technology-wise the construction of the body is likely to be aluminium and the machine, dubbed by Callum as a ‘family sports car’, will feature Jaguar’s All-Surface Progress Control technology (‘instinctive’ four wheel drive) and will be built at Solihull.

So, not a bad way to enter Jaguar’s 80th year. What we’re hoping for now though is a super-hot version of the F-Type R Coupé … and that we get invited to play with it … ideally around the Mille Miglia




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