JAN 28th 2015

McLaren 675LT – A longer, more powerful and more focused 650S (and an excuse to run a photo of an F1 GTR)


mclaren-675ltForgive our gratuitous use of a McLaren F1 GTR as the main image for a story on a new road car, but the only ‘official’ image of the new 675LT is of a wheel (left). You may have already guessed that ‘LT’ is a nod to the ‘Longtail’ racers of the 1990s, and that the 675 implies that this new car from Woking has more power than the 650S. If you did guess all of that – well done, you were correct.

The 675LT (that’s 675PS, or 666bhp) will make its world debut at the Geneva show in March, alongside the P1 GTR. Other details on the LT are rather sketchy, beyond promises that it ‘will embody the ‘Longtail’ ethos with a focus on performance optimised aerodynamics, increased downforce, driver engagement, power and reduced weight.’


The new car also heralds a clearing-up of McLaren’s naming convention. Along with the 650S and Asian-market 625C, the 675LT forms part of the newly-named Super Series. This sits above the forthcoming Porsche 911 rivalling Sports Series.

McLaren has released a 675LT teaser video, but that only features a wheel too. We’ve included it below in case you want to see the above wheel going around.

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