JAN 16th 2015

McLaren confirms Geneva show debut for 'production' P1 GTR (video/gallery)

A ticket to the world’s best international motor show just became even more of a ‘must have’, as McLaren today announced plans to unveil the final production version of its £2m (approx!) P1 GTR hypercar at the Geneva Auto Salon in March.

Scroll down for the latest official McLaren P1 GTR video

As McLaren’s latest official pictures show an aeroplane-like rear wing is the P1 GTR’s most distinctive feature, and we can’t wait to check it out up close. It’s a fixed-height item, unlike the ram-operated unit on the ‘regular’ P1, but what it may lack in ‘active’ theatre, it makes up for in sheer scale. Presumably it keeps the P1 glued to the track at loony-tunes speed too, which is the only place McLaren reckons owners will be able to play with the awesome new machine – at least until somebody with the right modifications (or the right contacts in their local vehicle licensing office!) can prove otherwise…

Until the Geneva show dawns in early March and some figures are revealed, we’ll content ourselves with mulling over the fact that this version of the P1 boasts a power-to-weight ratio improvement of greater than 10 percent over the road car – McLaren claims that means more than 700PS per tonne.

We’ll only mull the facts for a few moments though.

After that we’re heading up to Woking to pitch a tent on the lawn at the McLaren factory – and we’re staying there until somebody promises to bring a P1 GTR to the Festival of Speed in June…

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