JAN 12th 2015

McLaren reveals Sports Series tub; but we'll have to wait for more


The drip-feed of information coming from McLaren regarding its Porsche 911 rivalling Sports Series continues. Today, the company has revealed the carbon fibre tub as part of its ‘Black Swan Moments’ publicity campaign. It will be 1st April (no joke) before we see the complete car at the New York motor show. 

McLaren is making a major play of its carbon fibre expertise, the Sports Series sharing the all-carbon construction with the more expensive 650S and P1. We expect the Sports Series to be priced somewhere around the 911 Turbo mark, so £130,000 to £140,000, or about two thirds the price of a 650S. That said, carbon fetishists can still get their hands on a carbon fibre tub at a lower price point, thanks to the Alfa Romeo 4C.

The reveal may be somewhat drawn out, but once the Sports Series has been shown in full the first owners won’t have to wait that long for deliveries, which will take place in the fourth quarter of the year. But there will be a few more Black Swan Moments to work our way through first…

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