OCT 06th 2015

Books: The Baillon Collection – A Sensational Barnfind


It isn’t beyond the realms of conception that the fabled Baillon Collection, which was brought to light last year having laid forgotten on an estate in South-Western France for four decades, might never be bettered as far as barnfinds go.


At the Retromobile show in Paris earlier this year GRR was granted an exclusive interview with Matthieu Lamoure, Managing Director of auction house Artcurial who’d been awarded the task of recovering the collection and bringing it to auction. He told us just how he felt when the door to the barn containing the ex-Alain Delon Ferrari 250 California was opened and he realised just what he was looking at. Up to that point he simply didn’t believe the relatives of Monsieur Baillon who’d told him that the sought after ragtop was actually there …


Next to the Ferrari stood the Maserati A6G Gran Sport Frua and elsewhere on the property were the Facel Vega Excellence, Hispano Suiza H6B, Buagtti Type 57 Ventoux, various Panhards, Talbot-Lagos, Delahayes… 

In addition to the GRR interview you can now see a full pictorial account by photographer Remi Dargegen, who was permitted to photograph the collection where it lay, before it was carefully removed and transported to Paris.

Available for just £12.88 and with free delivery, this bilingual book will make coffee table gold. Could we be forgiven for recommending it in early October as a blinding Christmas present?  

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