OCT 27th 2015

Conceptual Art: Delahaye 94


Not seen for over sixty years, the fabled name of Delahaye was once the marque of choice for the cream of society. If it can be revived to produce something like the rather fetching coupe we see here, might it live and breathe once again?

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What you see here is the work of Polish designer Paul Breshke, who wanted to ‘create a completely new car body design, so as to highlight the classic advantages of the brand. It was not an easy task… in each Delahaye was something beautiful that I wanted to capture in my concept. My car is not a version of one particular model, but a concentration of the best features of these gorgeous cars.’ 

delahaye 271015

Truth be told there is little in its design linking it to Delahayes of the past, save perhaps for the vaguely diamond-shaped grille. However we’d say that it does the name justice, considering some of the gorgeous cars to bear the name in the past. There’s no getting away from the echoes of Jaguar F-Type in the size and shape of the rear window and the way it runs down to meet the stubby rear deck and wing, but it must be said that it carries off the look very well indeed. 

delahaye 271015

On the inside things look very good indeed. Again there’s something of the F-Type in the shape of the steering wheel, but the materials used (is that velvet we see?) and the old-style analogue instrumentation make for an inviting cabin. No digital toys on display. We like it a lot. Mr Breshke has been careful to place those gorgeous instruments towards the centre of the car, as they were with the original Delahayes. ‘The entire interior is inspired mostly by musical instruments such as the clarinet, saxophone, piano etc’ he says. ‘I cared about the connection of wood with chrome …’ 

delahaye 271015

Although there has been no mention of how the car would be powered, Delahaye was synonymous with performance and not shy of complex engineering solutions when it came to its engines. So although if such a car was to be built it would likely make use of any of the superb V8s from the likes of Jaguar, Chevrolet or Mercedes-Benz, in the ideal world we’d lean more towards something like a compact jewel of a screaming 9,000 rpm three litre V12. Well, we can dream …

delahaye 271015

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