OCT 19th 2015

Dream Dozen Porsche Pearls for Under £35k (Part 1)

Porsche Silverstone Auctions

Six-figure prices and Porsches go together like ‘nine’ and ‘eleven’ these days. Anything with an S, a Turbo, a GT or an RS in its badge is pretty much guaranteed to hit the jackpot.

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As a quick browse through the catalogue for the all-Porsche sale by Silverstone Auctions at the circuit on Sunday 25 October proves. Highlight for the well heeled could well be a 1972 2.7 RS Touring (guide price: £375-£425,000).

Thankfully not all Porkers are bringing home the bacon in such spectacular style. There is, as far as we know, no impending world shortage of old 911s and if you steer clear of the special editions and the super-models there are plenty around for the price of a new Golf GTi. As the Silverstone Auctions catalogue also proves…

We have chosen a dozen from the sale for a closer look, not all but mostly 911s. All have estimates under £35,000 – and all make decidedly tempting browsing. If you want to do more than browse, go to the auction website.

Apart from our delicious dozen, there are few cars listed without reserve: a rally spec 911E, an ex-California 1979 3.0 SC (with just two owners and a claimed 29,500 miles from new!) and, one that certainly caught our eye, a 1960 356B Super 90. It’s said to be accident-free and come with 99 per cent of the parts needed for its restoration. Historic race car maybe…

Here’s our pick of the first six, with another half dozen tomorrow:

Porsche Silverstone Auctions1. 1999 996 Carrera 2 manual, estimate £14-£16,000

‘Fried egg’ headlight 996s have shaken off their poor-relation status within the 911 family – a bit, anyway. They still come in at the affordable end of the 911 market, which is great news if you find a good one that’s been used regularly and recently – helpful in showing that any of the well known engine gremlins of this model have been exorcised. In Arctic Silver car with Metropole leather, the auction’s starter Porsche is a UK car with 43,150 miles on the clock and 10 (mostly Porsche Centre) stamps in its service book.

Porsche Silverstone Auctions3. 1990 928 S4 auto, estimate £14-£16,000

It might be inevitable that a 928 comes in at the bottom of the Porsche market but does that make this 330bhp V8 front-engined GT car any less spectacular? Not in our view it doesn’t. It’s still as modern as tomorrow. Thing is, how do you find one that’s not going to cost you more at its first service than what you paid for it? Good ones are out there and maybe this is the car you’re searching for: it’s black with cream leather, has covered 68,000 miles (60k of them under the care of a Porsche Centre), has recently had all belts changed and is said to be all-original with everything working – including the notoriously fickle air-con!

Porsche Silverstone Auctions 911 SC Cabriolet4. 1983 911 SC Cabriolet, estimate £18-£20,000

It’s coming into winter, it must be time to pick up a bargain cabrio – or so the used car pundits are always telling us. It might be true. This Guards Red example of the first 911 convertible is evidence in favour of the argument. It’s a lot of 150mph, air-cooled, wind-in-the-hair sports cars for the money. SC prices are on the up, say the experts, and this car is presented as a well used (110,000 miles) but well looked after example. Just check the heater works…

Porsche Silverstone Auctions 964 C44. 1991 964 C4 manual, estimate £18-£22,000

It’s been around a bit, this 964: the left-hooker was delivered new in Europe then spent time in the US before coming to the UK in 1998. There’s no guaranteed mileage and not much service history, says Silverstone Auctions, but it’s recently had a full going over by Heritage AutoWerks of Berkshire and a glass-out respray in Pacific Ocean Blue – at £6,500 for the paint, it would have been a lot to spend on a car if it didn’t already drive well… Plus it’s all-wheel drive – roll on winter!

Porsche Silverstone Auctions 914 Cabrio5. 1974 914 2.0 Targa, estimate £24-£28,000

Another predictable Porsche? Not this one. The 914 is very ‘70s, very mid-engined, a bit VW (it was a joint venture with them) and today is a real rarity and talking point. And this particular car appears to be the bee’s knees. Being sold by its Danish owner, the Bahia Red left-hand-drive two-seat targa with its 100bhp flat four engine has only recently emerged from a six-year nut and bolt, bare metal restoration. It’s said to be in amazing nick.

Porsche Silverstone Auctions Carrera 3.26. 1986 Carrera 3.2 coupe SE, estimate £25-£30,000

Guards Red, whale tail, Turbo-look body – welcome to the 1980s. But it wasn’t all about flashing the cash where the 3.2 Carrera was concerned; with 231bhp from a bulletproof new flat-six and a cost-no-object feel to the build of the rest of the car, the 3.2 Carrera was a true performance coupe, and one that even today just keeps on keeping on (the writer is biased, a 3.2 has been his everyday driver for the past 16 years). This one’s done 80,000 miles and has been owned by the same person since 2002. A classic Porsche marriage of performance and useability? Most certainly…

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