OCT 22nd 2015

Impreza to Impress at Tokyo Motor Show?

Subaru Impreza Tokyo

Subaru will be previewing its next-generation Impreza as a thinly disguised ‘concept’ at the forthcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

McLaren 570S promo

Using Subaru’s ‘Prominence 2020’ plan, announced by the engineering-led Japanese car manufacturer last year to enhance Subaru’s product offering, the new Impreza is intended to grow the Company’s image and market share.

In addition to the new Impreza, the lightweight Prominence 2020 platform will underpin the majority of the future Subaru, including future Forester, Legacy and Outback models.

Subaru Viziv 2020

From Subaru’s official sketch image, the next-generation Impreza looks to be a five-door hatchback, with a new family of engines and transmissions. The new production Impreza is due to be launched on the UK market next year.

Subaru will also use the Tokyo show to reveal its Viziv Future concept, a hybrid crossover evolution of the Viziv 2 Concept first revealed last year. The new Viviz concept uses Subaru’s advanced Eyesight camera-based system, utilizing GPS mapping and linked radar sensors to give a full 360-degree crash avoidance device. The concept is powered by a 1.6-litre diesel hybrid motor.

Photography courtesy of Subaru

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