OCT 28th 2015

Mazda Reveals Rotary 'RX‑Vision' at Tokyo Motor Show

As the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show opens today to the world’s media for an exclusive press day preview, the covers are coming off a string of interesting and unusual new models and concept cars – a number of which we have already previewed on the pages of GRR over the past couple of weeks.

Delahaye 94 promo

One of the first, and possibly the most exciting, Tokyo concepts to be revealed today is the Mazda RX-VISION, an enticing low-slung coupe that may hint at a future production model. As we anticipated, this front engined, rear-wheel-drive sporting concept is powered by a next-generation SKYACTIV-R rotary engine, representing what Mazda describe as a ‘vision’ of the future.

Having campaigned the revolutionary Wankel rotary engine more than any other car brand for almost half a century, Mazda built its last production rotary – the RX-8 coupe – in 2012, so a return to the use of this unconventional technology will be very welcome news for many Mazda sports car purists around the globe. Despite a pause in production, Mazda has remained loyal to the rotary engine, never ceasing its Wankel research and development activities to improve emissions, fuel economy and oil consumption, all of which have been weaknesses of this intriguing technology in the past.

Mazda RX-Vision Tokyo

The RX-VISION concept recalls Mazda’s commercially successful RX-7 sports coupe, of which over 800,000 were built. The Tokyo concept is revealed as Mazda begins its countdown to marking the 50th anniversary of its first Wankel coupe, the legendary Cosmo Sport 110S, previewed in 1966, with sales commencing in 1967. Here’s to seeing a production version of the RX-VISION in Mazda showrooms at some point in the near future.

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