OCT 22nd 2015

Peugeot v powerboat ‑ is the 308 GTi that fast?

When we raced a Range Rover Sport against Goodwood’s resident Spitfire a few years ago little did we know where it would all end…

McLaren 570S promo

In a lake, apparently. From Goodwood’s grass runways to the depths of the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham, and it’s the latest duo to come forward for a car race with a difference. This time it’s car – the new Peugeot Sport 308 GTi – versus an F2 Grand Prix powerboat.

On paper it sort of stacks up. The car has 266bhp, weighs 1,200kg and gets from 0-62mph in 6secs. The boat has 222bhp, weighs 530kg and gets to 62 a second quicker on its way to a 126mph top speed. The Pug will do 155mph but is not quite as good in the wet…

According to Peugeot, the race on the 2km course involved pitching ‘the two high performance machines against one another on two completely different surfaces.’ Well, er, yes, it would.

Peugeot 308 GTI v p1

So what was quicker, car or boat? You can  see in the video above.

And no, we don’t know the significance of the kettle at the end either…

Seriously, it’s great to see Peugeot and the new 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport back in the GTi big time. The new car has been built to be agile and responsive with real driver involvement, says Peugeot. The most potent Pug GTi launches in the UK on 5 November.

GRR looks forward to trying it. On dry land though…

And the race? Good fun but we reckon the Spit would have ‘em them both beaten.

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