OCT 20th 2015

Six 911 Tempters For Less Than A Golf GTI (Part 2)

Porsche 911 Turbo

The curse of the efficient working environment in the 21st century? It’s got to be the (electronic) arrival of the motoring auction catalogue. Catalogue arrives; all work ceases. Simple as that.


It’s not a curse at all of course, but a joyous diversion and we are as guilty as anyone. This week you may have noticed (see part one of this story here) GRR has been diverted by Porsches ahead of the annual Silverstone Auctions’ all-Porsche sale at Silverstone Circuit on Sunday 25 October (with viewing from 10.30 on Saturday; for more details click here.

Porsches of all types and prices are on the block, plus a large amount of Porsche automobilia, but for our impecunious perusing we thought we’d see just how far you can go for under £35,000, or the price of a new Golf GTi (with a few options).

Turbo? Targa? Tiptronic? A wannabe RS? They’re all here in our second half dozen highlights…

Porsche 911 turbo

 1. 2002 996 Turbo Tiptronic, estimate £25-£30,000

190mph and 0-60 in 4.1seconds… is this the performance bargain of the year? You don’t get many 911 Turbos of any age for less than £35k so this car’s worth a closer look. It’s a 996 and a Tiptronic so won’t please everyone, but even so with its two-owner, 72,000-mile history and claim of a full Porsche service record the appeal is real enough, particularly with this car’s high-spec options. A brave pill might be needed though in keeping it on the road: surefooted all-wheel drive in this generation of Turbo might reduce the chances of disappearing backwards into a hedge, but Turbos can still be scary – come service time.

Porsche 911 RS

 2. 1986 Carrera 2.7 RS recreation, estimate £28-£32,000

So you want a 911 with a ducktail spoiler for under £35,000? Dream on. A real RS comes with another nought. Yup, it’s a replica we are looking at here. The car started life as an ’86 3.2 Carrera coupe and was transformed into a lookalike 2.7 RS – the ultimate 1970s 911, and first RS model – by John Spero, who some might remember as a Porsche racer in the late 1960s. Subsequent owners expanded the RS theme with a roll cage, Cobra seats and road legal race harnesses. The car has been looked after by a Porsche main agent and despite 145,000 miles is said to be in fine condition.

Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Targa

 3. 1996 993 Carrera 2 Targa, estimate £28-£32,000

All would-be 911 owners want a 993 right? As last of the air-cooled and largely hand-built 911s, it’s easy to understand why. While prices are continually being talked up, in the real world there seems no shortage of good cars at good prices – especially if you don’t insist on a manual coupe. This ’96 C2 in the Silverstone Auctions sale is a manual but has the Targa body. With its retractable glass roof panel the profile is virtually indistinguishable from the coupe though, and don’t expect the leaks and draughts that can afflict earlier generations of Targa. The car has had five owners, covered 116,000miles, is said to have an impressive service history and is finished in Arctic Silver with black leather interior.

Porsche 911 997 C4S

 4. 2006 997 Carrera 4S, estimate £28-£33,000

Silverstone Auctions’ bullish blurb for this 911 makes you think: ‘…a superlative sports car virtually identical to the current model at a third the price’. Well, the reality is that this is a near 10-year-old car, but even so, the point is well made. And this car does tick the boxes with its desirable all-wheel drive C4S spec, 3.8 engine, manual ’box, PASM sports suspension and Turbo brakes, plus the factory fitted aero kit. It’s Midnight Blue with Sand leather, has had three owners, is said to have covered 37,000 miles under the care of a Porsche main dealer – and when it wasn’t being driven it lived in a heated garage!


 5. 1995 993 Carrera 2 Tiptronic, estimate £30-£34,000

Another route to a more affordable 993 might be to go for a Tiptronic like this one. People often say Tiptronic the way a builder gives a quote, sucking in air between the teeth. Ignore it. If you have set your heart on a manual it’s not for you, but Tiptronics can make fantastic cars, especially as everyday drivers. This Silverstone Auctions car is in Arctic Silver with grey leather interior, has had five owners and covered just under 97,000 miles.

Porsche 911T

 6. 1967 911T recreation, estimate £32-£35,000

This right-hand drive car was originally delivered to its first UK owner in 1967 – the number on the engine cover being… 912. The four-cylinder ‘entry’ 911 (around a third cheaper than the six-cylinder cars at the time) is said to have been in daily use as a 912 until 15 years ago when a VW engineer rebuilt it as this 911T. He apparently spared nothing in the transformation, and the engine (with correct for the period Solex carbs) is said to have come from Porsche. Interior trim, badging, dogleg ‘box, Fuchs alloys – all are said to be correct. The car has just been recommissioned after a nine-year hibernation.

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