OCT 05th 2015

Steve McQueen's Indian Scout is up for grabs. Anyone ...?


A rabid fever has swept around the GRR office. And no, it isn’t as a result of spending today in the pouring rain, having basked in the Autumn sunshine of yesterday’s Vee-Power Breakfast Club (wasn’t that an outstanding turnout, by the way?) 

Speedway Flat out and Fearless promo

Nope, what’s got us in a wild frenzy is the news that Bonhams is going to sell another Steve McQueen motorcycle at its Autumn Stafford sale on the 18th of this month. What’s more, if you ask us this is one of the best-looking of all the two-wheeled machines to have been owned by the racing-mad Hollywood superstar. Despite being known as a Triumph man, McQueen is said to have never been without a big Indian. This one was part of the King of Cool‘s collection and even comes with an Idaho Certificate of Title signed by the man himself.


It’s a Sport Scout model, which was apparently a hugely successful an less heavy variant of the venerable Scout from the Twenties. Bonhams’ James Stensel has said of the machine: ‘McQueen’s cars and motorcycles were the envy of many a collector, yet Indian was believed to be his favored marque, and the 1934 Indian 750cc Sport Scout – now offered at an estimate of £55,000-65,000 ($83,000 – $93,000) – was one of Indian’s most successful models of the 1930s. Few machines boast such impressive ownership history, I can think of few other machines I personally would wish to own more.’ Strong stuff from the firm that has more than a little good form when it comes to finding new owners for McQueen’s machinery.

Former Top Gear host and keen motorcyclist, although possibly not considered to be quite as cool as Mr McQueen (sorry James May), will be selling a bevvy of his Honda bikes also, although all eyes will be on the McQueen machine with its upper estimate of just £65,000. 

There can’t be many more stylish ways to arrive at the Revival meeting, surely?

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