OCT 22nd 2015

The New Audi RS6 and RS7: Very, Very Fast and Not Cheap

Well it seems as though before long we’re going to be saying to each other: ‘Hey, remember when high performance four-door Audis could be had brand new for under £100,000?’ This is because today’s news from Audi about its new RS6 and RS7 is that for the latter you’ll need to hand over £91,600 and that’s before you get anywhere near the options list …

McLaren 570S promo

Then again, perhaps to lead the story with the vulgar topic of coin is to miss the point of the latest Ingolstadt thunderbolts? It’s only been five years since Ferrari stopped building the 430, which could sprint to 60mph in four seconds. Audi claims just 3.7 seconds for both the RS6 and RS7 to achieve the same. Today’s Ferrari FF can accelerate to sixty no faster.

To achieve such shattering acceleration figures power for the twin-turbo V8 shared by the pair is up 45bhp and peak torque 37lb ft. So, over the previous versions the price, power and torque are up while the acceleration figures come down. Impressive then that apparently the fuel consumption remains as it was, with optimum figures of 29.4mpg and 29.7mpg being possible on the RS6 and RS7 respectively.

Audi RS7

Despite now boasting a staggering 597bhp, both cars will be limited to the good-old 155mph. That is, unless one opts for the Dynamic package which hikes the maximum rate of travel to 174mph for the RS6 and 189mph for the RS7, while those pining for some B-road entertainment can opt for a rear ‘sport’ differential.

You’ll be able to see them for yourself in showrooms from next month, by which time we really ought to be on our way to the German autobahns with one …

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