OCT 16th 2015

Video: Lotus 3‑Eleven ‑ From FoS to the Green Hell

The last (and first) time we saw it it was being wheeled out of its box on the Lotus stand at the Festival of Speed in June. But now, we are pleased to see, the new Lotus 3-Eleven has been properly let loose. At the Nurburgring…

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In the four months since its Goodwood world debut (see more on that here) Lotus has obviously pulled out all the stops to make this road/track special the stunner it appears to be. At its FoS launch Lotus told us the car would be the quickest and most powerful production Lotus road car ever produced, and so it appears…

The Hethel team, led by tech manager and top driver Gavan Kershaw, reports in this just-released video that the car is exceeding all expectations after its two-week torture trial at the Green Hell.

Lotus 3-Eleven Nurburgring

The video (Lotus’s own) is certainly worth a watch, to see and hear the 3-Eleven in action on the Nordschleife corners. It does look pretty poised you have to say, and definitely quick. Certainly should be of course with its 450bhp, courtesy of a revised version of the supercharged V6 from the Exige S and Evora 400 (more on that car soon, ed). At FoS in June Lotus said the car would hit 180mph.

We’re sure there’s still work to be done but all looks good for production (there will be a run of just 311 of them) starting next year, with prices starting at £82,000 for the road version (including VAT and on the road costs).

Festival of Speed… Nurburgring… what could be next? A few hot laps of the Goodwood Motor Circuit we reckon…

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