OCT 08th 2015

Video: Ragtop Range Rover Evoque goes testing

When Range Rover announced that there was to be an open-topped version of the Evoque, there were some who wondered how it would cope when it approached its maximum wading depth and whether Range Rover would manage to retain the roofed Evoque’s rigidity. Reasonable questions, both, and in this video we would appear to have an answer.


‘Every Land Rover is built to tackle the most challenging terrains and conditions. EVERY Land Rover …’ is what we’re told at the beginning, when the open-topped Evoque can be seen mimicking some of the great Land Rovers of the past. The sight of the test car mounting awkward sections of terrain at the Land Rover Experience Centre in Eastnor without the doors opening would also seem to back up the claim that the addition of ‘invisible’ strengthening to the body means that the soft top has been robbed of little of the original’s rigidity.

A combination of the Evoque’s high sides and Land Rover’s superb Wade Sensing system (which monitors the depth of the water around you and warns if the 50cm limit is being approached) would seem to suggest that occupants need worry not about the ingress of water should your route require any fording.

Next month the car will have its official unveiling at the LA Motor Show and it is anticipated that it will go on sale next Spring, meaning that it could be part of next year’s Moving Motor Show at the Festival of Speed.

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