OCT 02nd 2015

X marks the spot for Tesla's first SUV crossover

Tesla Model X

Three years after being revealed as a concept, growing Silicon Valley electric car producer Tesla has finally unveiled the production version of its new Model X.

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Claimed by Tesla’s founder Elon Musk to be the world’s first all-electric crossover SUV, the Tesla Model X combines sharp modern styling with a number of unusual, innovative and practical features. These include permanent four-wheel-drive, forward-facing seating for up to seven occupants, a ‘bio-weapon’ active safety vehicle defence system, and unique gull wing rear doors.

Known as ‘Falcon Wings’ the rear doors are the first – and to the best of our knowledge only – gullwing-type rear passenger doors that offer an optimal opening arc to ever appear on a production car. Unless of course you know otherwise…

Tesla Model X

The new Model X is powered by a floor-mounted 90 kWh battery pack, giving a total distance range of just over 250miles, with the standard AWD model developing 259bhp at the wheels, and the livelier P90D performance variant giving up to 503bhp at the rear wheels.

These endow the Tesla SUV with a top speed limited to 155 mph, with the 0-60 mph rush taking 4.8 seconds in standard form, and a very brisk 3.2seconds if the ‘Ludicrously Fast Speed Update’ option is specified (and yes, that really is what Tesla call it!). That’s an electrifying pace by any standards, but unheard of for an SUV.

Tesla Model X

Tesla has equipped the new Model X with an advance safety system using bio-weapon defence technology, which scans the car’s surrounds on the road using a combination of cameras, radar and sonar systems. First UK deliveries of the new Model X as set for the latter half of 2016, with prices still to be announced, with a US guideline price of $130,000 being rumoured.

Photography courtesy of Tesla

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