NOV 02nd 2015

For Sale: Ferrari 360 Spyder with 81 miles from new...


In the last few years we’ve seen a very strong market bolster spectacularly the values of most classics, Ferraris especially. Oh to be a part of that crazy world where a million pound car isn’t necessarily anything special. No, to get something truly extraordinary in the Ferrari market surely you need to be aiming beyond the million pound mark …?

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What we have here is a chance to hop onto the highly desirable Ferrari market for a fraction of what you’d need to pay for something from the Sixties and with 12 cylinders. The Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder you see here will be offered for sale by auction at Historics at Brooklands’ Mercedes-Benz World sale on the 28th November and it has covered just 81 guaranteed miles from new.

Ferrari 360

Actually that isn’t strictly true. Considering that the car had covered 59 miles at the time of its pre-delivery inspection, the total number of miles registered since it was sold stands at 17 …

Ferrari 360 Modena

Seventeen miles! Since then, despite being in storage almost all of the time, it has been on the receiving end of no fewer than eight services (two of which included the all-important cambelt) at Ferrari main dealers.

Ferrari 360

As far as we can tell, for a really good and little-used 360 Modena Spyder today you’re going to need around £100,000. The estimate for this car in between £150,000 – 170,000.


So, here’s your chance to own something truly astonishing from the exotic world of Ferrari without having to sell everything you own several times over in order to be able to pay for the privilege. But there is a minor snag …

The only problem is, could you afford to put any more miles on it?

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