NOV 18th 2015

Lamborghini Puts Best Foot Rearwards at LA Show With New Huracan

Lamborghini Huracan

For those who like their Lamborghini rear-wheel drive and ‘fully involving’ on the handling front, here’s the new Huracan LP580-2, launched today at the Los Angeles show.

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It’s the latest in a distinguished line of mid-engined rear-drive supercars from Sant’Agata going back to the Miura and Countach, cars which knew no other way of course, but also to rear-drive versions of the Diablo and, most recently, the Gallardo – for many, the pick of the bunch in two-wheel drive form.

Can the new Huracan – whose four-wheel drive handling some critics have been lukewarm about – be the rear-guard action needed?

Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann is in no doubt: ‘This is the purest expression of a Lamborghini to date. It is a serious car for serious drivers: it is maximum driving fun.’

Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2

So how does it different from the regular Huracan? Without the extra drivetrain hardware it’s lighter (by 33kg), with the mass now distributed 40-60 in favour of the rear. No surprise the 19-inch wheels are wider (11J) at the back than the front (8.5J), both ends shod with Pirelli P Zeros.

The engine is a recalibrated version of the naturally-aspirated V10 with slightly less power, now 572bhp, but with 75 per cent of its 398 lb ft of twist available from just 1,000rpm.

All the running gear and electronic systems are, naturally, tweaked to suit the new set-up and deliver the ‘authentic rear-wheel drive behaviour’ (read: oversteer) that Lamborghini set out to achieve with the car.

Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2

And a manual ‘box like the rear-drive Gallardo? Alas not. Seven-speed dual-clutch job or nothing. With launch control engaged it will sprint from 0-62mph is 3.4 seconds and the V-max 199mph.

So we know all this without having to check underneath the LP580-2 gets more aggressive looks front and back which are said also to have aerodynamic benefits.

Photography courtesy of Lamborghini

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