DEC 31st 2015

GRR's 2015 Quiz of the Year

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It’s New Year’s Eve, we’re all preparing to celebrate the coming of 2016, so why not celebrate a brilliant 2015 by taking our quiz of the year? The answers are at the bottom, so we’ll never be able to tell if you cheated, but post your score below and we’ll see who does best.

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1. Who was born on February 16, 1979?


2. Who claimed the BTCC crown this year?


3. Which F1 driver said of his 2015 season: “As you might have noticed, it’s been tough”?


4. What’s the name of Lamborghini’s SUV?


5. What’s the name of Rolls-Royce’s SUV?


6. The 2 millionth version of what sold at Bonhams for £400,000 earlier this month?


7. Ford’s return to Le Mans in 2016 with the GT supercar marks how many years since they won there?


8. Who will be official tyre supplier for MotoGP next year?


9. Bugatti’s new hypercar is named after which racing driver?


10. Jaguar has just announced its intention to compete in which motorsport season in 2016/2017?


11. A 1956 Ferrari driven by Fangio recently sold at auction for $28 million. Which model was it?


12. It’s the anniversary of the Golf GTI next year. But how old will it be?


13. Whose in-car assistance package is called OnStar?


14. Which manufacturer bought out the Lotus Formula One team this year?


15. What was the theme of this year’s Festival of Speed?



Gordon Shedden




Land Rover Defender



Louis Chiron

Formula E

290 MM




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Lead image by Nigel Harniman

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