DEC 30th 2015

Zenos to Debut Mighty 350HP E10 R at Autosport Show

Norfolk trackday hero maker Zenos has announced its brilliant E10 roadster is evolving once more – into the monstrous, 500bhp/tonne, E10 R.

Lamaborghini_Aventador_SV_Promo_26052015 Zenos to Debut Mighty 350HP E10 R at Autosport Show

Not content with producing the brilliant E10 S we tested a few weeks ago, Zenos have taken the car’s 2.3-litre Ford EcoBoost power unit and extracted 350bhp and 349lb ft – an increase of 40 per cent over the S – while also reducing the model’s already minimal waistline.

As well as the extra power comes a shorter gear lever, four-point racing harnesses and upgraded disc brakes with four-piston callipers, while Zenos say new spring and damper rates and lightweight alloy wheels (saving 10kg) make this their most ‘most focused’ car yet. 

Zenos will also be offering a limited Drive Edition version of the car, which receives bespoke paintwork and new interior trim. Additional equipment includes adjustable dampers, a quick-release steering wheel and uprated master cylinders.

But what does all this mean? Well for £39,995 the R is capable of hitting 62mph in just 3.0 seconds and continuing to 155mph. That brings the potential to humble owners of cars worth five-times the price. Crickey. 

Photography courtesy of Zenos

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