FEB 19th 2015

Conceptual Art: Maserati LaMaserati


Whereas the Maserati MC12 vaguely resembled the Ferrari Enzo on which it was based, this 2014 LaMaserati concept by British designer Mark Hostler takes the hypercar idea in a new stylistic direction altogether from the LaFerrari.


His idea was to use the chassis from the LaFerrari, but ditch the KERS system to save weight and enhance the 6.3-litre V12’s power output to compensate. This and other alterations would be intended to produce more of a raw, analogue feel than the technologically advanced LaFerrari. 

Maserati LaMaserati

Looks-wise, the LaMaserati bears absolutely no resemblance to the LaFerrari whatsoever. From the front it has an extremely aggressive look and we love those spear-like wing mirrors shooting forward from a central mounting point way back near the engine cover. Being a Maserati though, could they not have been designed in the shape of a trident? The lines starting at the front of the car continue almost unbroken along its flanks to the rear, where there is perhaps a hint of McLaren P1 as the bodywork pinches in beneath the light units.


Like so many concepts, accountants would shudder at the thought of actually producing many of the parts required. The glass alone would surely be the stuff off nightmares, but of course this is why we have the world of the concept car, and as such this is a beauty.

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