FEB 13th 2015

Firing on... SIX! Aston Martin DB4

With Aston Martin having revealed today the sound of its forthcoming track-only Vulcan, we thought we’d point our mics at an altogether more classic Aston in the form of this lovely DB4. This example is no trailer queen; it’s one of the cars from the Mithril Racing fleet. So here’s one ‘Firing on…’ machine that you can actually drive yourself – in fact, around 400 people do that each year, covering an extraordinary (for a DB4!) 10,000 circuit miles.

It has an interesting history too. One of its early owners (or, probably, its first owner) was Dave Munden, lead vocalist and drummer from the pop group The Tremeloes. He bought the car, finished in rare Cotswold Blue, from the royalties of one of the group’s early singles. Many years later, he happened across the car on Mithril’s stand at the Festival of Speed, and couldn’t believe he’d found his old car. Naturally, he paid a visit to Goodwood to drive it once again at the circuit!

So, which do you prefer the sound of – DB4 or Vulcan?

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